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AOCO - A Tool to Improve the Teaching of the ARM Assembly Language in Higher Education

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João Damas, Bruno Lima and António J. Araújo


Assessment is an important part of the educational process, playing a crucial role in student learning. The increase in the number of students in higher education has placed extreme pressure on assessment practices, often leading to a teacher having hundreds of assignments to correct, not only giving feedback too late, but also low quality feedback, as it is humanly impossible to correct all these assessments by giving quality feedback in such a short time. Due to the social confinement caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, there was the need to change the evaluation method initially associated with a thin exam, to a continuous evaluation method based on multiple weekly assignments. In order to deal with this situation, we developed AOCO, the first automatic correction tool for the ARMv8 AArch64 assembly language. This work presents the AOCO tool, as well as the results of the evaluation of a first use with students