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Bruno Lima, PhD

Research Assistant at INESC TEC
Assistant Professor at UMaia (PT)
Invited Assistant Professor at FEUP (PT)

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A Model-Based Approach for Product Testing and Certification in Digital Ecosystems

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Bruno Lima and João Pascoal Faria


In a growing number of domains, such as ambient- assisted living (AAL) and e-health, the provisioning of end-to-end services to the users depends on the proper interoperation of multiple products from different vendors, forming a digital ecosystem. To ensure interoperability and the integrity of the ecosystem, it is important that candidate products are independently tested and certified against applicable interoperability requirements. Based on the experience acquired in the AAL4ALL project, we propose in this paper a model-based approach to systematize, automate and increase the assurance of such testing and certification activities. The approach encompasses the construction of several models: a feature model, an interface model, a product model, and unit and integration test models. The abstract syntax and consistency rules of these models are specified by means of metamodels written in UML and Alloy and automatically checked with Alloy Analyzer. Using the model finding capabilities of Alloy Analyzer, integration tests can be automatically generated from the remaining models, through the composition and instantiation of unit tests. Examples of concrete models from the AAL4ALL project are also presented.