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Research Assistant at INESC TEC
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Invited Assistant Professor at FEUP (PT)

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Automatic Model Transformation from UML Sequence Diagrams to Coloured Petri Nets

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João Soares, Bruno Lima and João Pascoal Faria


UML Sequence Diagrams are used in different domains for specifying the required behaviour of software-based systems. However, the created diagrams are often used only as documentation, and not as a basis for generating subsequent lifecycle artifacts or for automated analysis. Several authors have proposed the transformation of Sequence Diagrams to executable Coloured Petri Nets (CPN), for simulation and testing purposes, but the transformations are not automated or are implemented in an ad-hoc way. To overcome those limitations, we present in this paper an approach to automatically translate Sequence Diagrams to CPN ready for execution with CPN Tools, taking advantage of model-to-model transformation techniques provided by the Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF). The transformation rules are implemented in the Epsilon Transformation Language. We use the standard UML metamodel provided by EMF and the CPN metamodel provided by CPN Tools, so any Sequence Diagram created with an EMF compliant modelling tool can be transformed. An application example is presented to better illustrate the approach.